Why you should be using Aero Commerce in 2021

Whilst the whole country remains in lockdown and we’re urged to stay in our homes, our day to day online usage is continuing to soar.

This has spurred many of us to use this time wisely and kickstart a brand new online retail business, as well as optimise our already existing ecommerce websites

But with so many platforms, tools and features available (and every software provider trying to grab your attention in this time of heightened traffic) it’s hard to pick out the good guys from the bad guys. 

Here at Limely, our expertise in designing retail websites has allowed us to efficiently sort through the available tools and identify those that are truly beneficial and springboard you towards ecommerce excellence.

Aero Commerce is an ecommerce platform that will help you do exactly that and provides the perfect foundation for your retail business - whether you’re just starting out or looking to spruce up your existing shopping experience. 

But if you’re not entirely convinced, here are just a few reasons why you should be using Aero Commerce to take advantage of the increased online traffic in 2021.

Made specifically for retail

There is a wide range of ecommerce platforms out there, all with different features to suit a variety of business types. For those looking to introduce their new retail business to ecommerce, Aero Commerce is the perfect solution for any online retailer. Made specifically with retailers in mind, it arms itself with everything your business would need to make waves in your industry.

Tons of helpful features

When working with clients, we’ve found it makes a great impression when their new ecommerce site is easy to set up and gets them online fast. Aero Commerce benefits from a wide range of built-in features that have specifically been chosen to benefit online retailers.

Built with speed and efficiency in mind, Aero Commerce not only makes it easy for an agency like ours to achieve our client’s needs but makes for a simple hand over that gives the client an effective means of selling online almost immediately. 

Lots of extendable capabilities 

No matter the dream you have for your retail startup, or your online business that needs bringing up to speed, Aero Commerce has the attributes to adapt to it. On top of all their features, they allow for a plethora of extensions that can not only help reflect your business and make for a well-rounded shopping experience, but assist the client in running an organised and successful business. 

Completely customisable

Alongside all the necessary ecommerce features, Aero Commerce makes it so agencies like us can easily apply our client’s bespoke designs - making for a complete unique and on brand space for them to sell their products. 

As a retailer trying to make waves in 2021, this not only enables you to implement your unique flair, one that allows you to stand out amongst competitors, but allows you to benefit from the best ecommerce features that help towards a flawless shopping experience. 

Are you ready to take the leap to ecommerce success with Aero Commerce? Come and speak to Limely to get the ball rolling.

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