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Our History

Aero is a powerful ecommerce platform designed with the evolving needs of retailers in mind. Our solution combines a modern technology stack with a fresh approach to building online shopping experiences. The result is a lean, robust platform that is changing the face of ecommerce. The Aero team has deep roots in retail, agency work, and software development. That means we’ve experienced the shortcomings of legacy ecommerce systems from every user’s perspective. We’re answering the call for something better with a truly scalable solution built around industry-leading performance and first-class customer experiences. Aero is designed to come naturally to retailers, agencies, and developers. Above all, our platform offers uncompromising flexibility by giving businesses the tools they need to increase conversions, reduce administrative and infrastructure costs, and improve the shopping experience for their customers.

Our Vision

We built Aero to become the world’s leading ecommerce platform. That means creating an improved experience for agencies, developers, and — most importantly — retailers and their customers. That vision was born when we, like so many of our users, grew tired of expensive, overcomplicated platforms that failed to address the evolving needs of users. We needed something faster, more accessible, and more flexible. Driven by that need, we set out to build an ecommerce platform that had best practice built in. A platform that didn’t restrict the user’s ability to design unique checkout experiences, or implement their own ecommerce and marketing strategies. A platform that offered extensibility and customization, without the pain of complicated setup, the difficulty of daily use, or the frustration of arbitrary limitations. In short, we committed to building something better.

Our Ethos

We are developing Aero in the spirit of these values:

Experience is our teacher

The Aero team lives and breathes ecommerce. We have deep roots in the industry and are trusted by retailers who depend on the value we alone can provide. Our direct experience in retail, agency, and development means we are uniquely equipped to solve real, of-the-now challenges faced by our users.

Integrity is fundamental

Retailers choose Aero because they trust us to champion their cause, to look after their interests, and to care about the experience of their customers. We’re committed to making a quality product that users love, and show our integrity by pursuing ways of working harder, smarter, and faster to make our solution the best it can
possibly be.
Our team is passionate about the future of ecommerce and believes in stewarding the success of retailers above all else. That means we’re focused on building the very best ecommerce platform, making every decision based on what we know is best for retailers.

Loyalty is earned

Our customers trust us, so every day we work to make sure we are worthy of that loyalty. Above all, we are loyal to retailers by keeping their best interests at heart. We champion the consumer experience and work to support agencies in achieving the very best results with our platform. We do this because we know that helping agencies means helping retailers provide the best experiences to their customers.

Who is Aero Commerce?

Richard Bendelow

Richard Bendelow

Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive officer, Richard gives focus to our mission at Aero Commerce. Richard successfully combines a storied business acumen with a keen understanding of ecommerce to help us think differently and challenge the norm as we redefine the future of this industry.

Matt Burton

Chief Technology Officer

In the role of chief technology officer, Matt brings his vision of a better way to conduct ecommerce to bear. Matt’s passion for building the ultimate ecommerce platform is matched by his skill for designing systems that instill best practices and capitalize on the latest technologies.

Matt Burton

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