It is vital to think about the techniques you can use to keep visitors on your website engaged and to increase your brand awareness.

It’s important to consistently evaluate your lead generation strategy to run a successful website and business. This refers to the techniques you can utilise to draw in those interested in your brand and then convert these into leads. A lead is a customer who has taken a particular action on your website. For instance, if they have given contact details.

Don’t forget, leads will take time and won’t happen overnight. If you want more leads, focus on what works and what doesn’t, which is where analytics will prove to be incredibly useful.

How a Steady Website Can Help to Generate Leads

It Leads to More Purchases

A steady website will help lead to more customers performing particular actions and purchasing your products. For instance, if there is a Call to Action (CTA) on your homepage, this will encourage your visitors to perform a specific task. This could be asking them to sign up to a newsletter, exclusive discount or even to become a member of the website. Similarly, if everything is set out in an easy-to-use way, this will also help to generate leads. For instance, on our website, we have our recent work featured on our homepage, alongside relevant CTA’s such as ‘click into our world’ which encourages customers to find out more.

Increases Brand Awareness

The more features you have on your website that can help to generate leads, the more awareness on your brand you are spreading. For instance, if someone needs access to particular resources, finds these on your website and enters their email in order to access them, you could give them the option to opt in for offers that might be of interest. This will therefore make them more likely to return to your website and then purchase a product.

Increases Communication

Having various features on your website that help you communicate with your audience and vice-versa can have multiple benefits, which include generating more leads. For instance, featuring live events and placing a contact form in an accessible place, like the homepage. Having a newsletter will also help, which will allow your customers to remember you. For instance, if they have forgotten about your brand but then receive a newsletter via email with your latest offers, it can encourage them to make another purchase from your website.

Advice for Generating Leads

Give Customers Discounts

At this time of year, people will start saving for the festive period, which means they will be looking for various discounts. This means offering customers even just 15% off for signing up to your newsletter can make a difference. It will provide them with a reason to sign up, which will make them much more likely to do it and, as a result, will increase conversions.

Include a Live Chat Box

Chat features are a great way to engage with customers as it encourages them to take an action straight away, without hesitation. It’s a known fact that, if used properly, these can increase conversions by up to 45%. It will ensure visitors are responded to quickly and can be seen as a better alternative than waiting for an email or to be put through on the phone.

Host Online Events

Online events, such as webinars, became popular during the pandemic and, with no hassle or commute involved, it looks like they are here to stay. As a result, there has never been a better time to host one. This should be advertised on your social media platforms, so as many people are aware of it as possible. It could even be promoted on other websites like Eventbrite. Webinars are also an opportunity to directly address customer queries, which might just help to increase their confidence in your brand, leading to more conversions.

Therefore, creating a steady website that will aid your lead generation strategy is crucial, especially with so much competition out there, so make sure you take on board our tips.

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