The number one most vital feature of your ecommerce website should be an unbeatable shopping experience.

It’s the best way to create a true reflection of your brand and demonstrate why your business trumps the rest. It drives sales, urges great customer reviews and ultimately is the key ingredient for your businesses growth.

But in order to conduct a show-stopping shopping experience, you need to be starting with an ecommerce platform that provides you with all the tools that you need to sculpt a store that’s bespoke to you.

Here at Limely, we put the user’s shopping experience at the forefront of our minds every time we build a new online store. It’s the best way to push our client’s brand, reiterate their high-class service and of course, make a quality website and online shop. One way that we guarantee that we’re on the right path is by utilising Aero Commerce and their range of tools that have been meticulously created with their client’s business and their customers in mind.

But how exactly do you create an unbeatable shopping experience using Aero Commerce?

Tracking Inventory and Stock

For a customer, there would be nothing worse than finding the perfect product, adding it to your basket, reaching checkout and then finally being informed that the product is out of stock!

All you would end up with is a disgruntled customer who will most likely leave an unforgiving review, never return and urge other people to do the same.

Aero Commerce knows that this is an instance that would be extremely detrimental to your overall shopping experience, but at the same time, something that is completely avoidable.

To ensure you have nothing but happy, satisfied customers, Aero Commerce’s platform allows you to generate inventory and stock order reports so you can easily keep on track of what stock you have, what you don’t have and what will need to be replenished. This way, you can keep your customers informed from the get-go and most importantly, provide the smoothest shopping experience possible.

Search Optimisation

The search feature on your ecommerce site is a very important one. It’s the customer’s key to finding their desired product as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said, it’s important that you do everything you can to make sure that your search bar caters to every possible need and ensure the optimum shopping experience.

Aero Commerce offers a long list of ways in which you can optimise your search feature and help customers effectively explore your site and find the products they want.

You’re able to apply features such as layered navigation and result redirection so that customers can easily narrow down their search and be directed to related products. That way, even if their results come up short, they can remain on your site and see what else you have to offer.

Product Display

As in-store marketing involves making things look irresistible on the shelf, your ecommerce platform should be doing the same for your products.

As well as making them look as attractive as possible, you can optimise your product page so the user has everything they need to be convinced that they just ‘have to have it’.

Aero Commerce’s platform provides you with the means to completely deck out your product page and not only make what you’re selling unmissable but easy to purchase.

For instance, using Aero Commerce, you can add detailed product descriptions, high-quality product imagery, colour/fabric swatches, availability stats and image zoom features to make sure umming and ahhing is kept to a minimum and the journey from browsing to checkout is a quick and easy one.

Optimised Checkout

The last stage of your customer’s journey is at the checkout, but that doesn’t mean you should pay any less attention to maintaining a premium shopping experience. Until the customer clicks the ‘Place Order’ button things still remain up the air, which means an optimised checkout that ensures a happy customer should be your main aim.

Aero Commerce makes optimising your checkout simple by offering applicable features such as on-screen order summaries, optional customer sign-ups, guest checkout, quick purchase with saved payment details as well as opportunities for extendable properties that allow for other helpful properties such as auto address complete. All of this put together offers a simple checkout experience that will have customers coming back for more.

With all these features and more, using Aero Commerce is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a knockout shopping experience for your customers and maintained sales for your business.

If you’re looking to go for the whole package and watch your online business skyrocket, then you’re in need of an online store built on Aero Commerce and designed by web experts, Limely. Contact Limely today to bring your business to life and kickstart your ecommerce journey!

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