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Aero gives every retailer the tools needed to reach their market, drive revenue growth, and reduce business costs — all while delivering the ideal customer experience.

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Usability is at the heart of Aero’s design, so you and your staff will find getting started quick and easy. No matter your business model, Aero offers a suitable and affordable solution.

Performance: Protect your business against lost sales

Poor website performance can have a negative impact on your sales. It’s not just search engines that penalize slow websites – users do too. For example, 53% of mobile users will leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Aero combines a modern technology stack with rock-solid performance. As a result, our platform helps drive conversions and protect your business against lost sales. We measure and score the speed of Aero rigorously and work with our partnered developers to achieve industry-leading performance. While legacy ecommerce platforms become slow as products and features are added, Aero is designed to remain lightning fast. That means happy customers, and reduced costs for your business.

Cost: Optimize your infrastructure spend

With legacy ecommerce platforms, it doesn’t take long for your website’s performance to be compromised. Whether it’s struggling with the number of products added to your digital storefront, failing to scale with the volume of users accessing your website, or collapsing under the weight of countless updates and plugins, legacy ecommerce platforms eventually slow down, costing you not just in lost business, but through expensive infrastructure upgrades — just to return performance to an acceptable standard. We believe anything less than peak performance is unacceptable. That’s why Aero is built differently. It remains fast and lean, no matter the size of your catalogue or the volume of traffic your website receives. That makes it effortless to optimize the cost of your infrastructure and keep your business profitable, even as your offering grows.

Flexibility: Build exceptional customer experiences

Your ecommerce platform should never stand in the way of your business ideas. Aero provides the flexibility you need to produce best-in-class checkout experiences that are optimized for conversions. Our ecommerce platform makes it simple to build entirely bespoke solutions and integrate with other services as needed. It’s your website: you’re in control. Storefronts powered by Aero are nimble and responsive, reducing the chance of frustrating customer experiences that could cost you sales. Feature rich and development friendly, Aero’s flexibility allows you to design uniquely exceptional experiences, while its scalability means your storefront’s performance is never compromised.

Best practice built in, and easily extendable

We’ve identified and included all the essential features you’d expect from a modern, powerful ecommerce solution — right out of the box. For example, most core SEO and marketing features come baked in, making Aero one of the most marketing- and search-engine-friendly platforms available. Aero Commerce is also built with security best practices in mind. Our platform comes with a multi-tier customer support service, so a helping hand is never far away. From there, you can expand and customize Aero’s functionality with modules and themes contributed by our incredible development community — or work with one of our partnered agencies to create something one-of-a-kind.

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