Staying At The Forefront: Middlesbrough Front-End Conference 2023

Yesterday, the Aero team had a fantastic day out of the office as we attended the highly anticipated Middlesbrough Front-End Conference. Recognized as the biggest tech conference in Teesside, the event drew tech enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders from all over the world - with guests and speakers even travelling from Amsterdam and Portugal (incredible)!

We felt very proud to be part of such a dynamic and knowledge-packed gathering, where we had the privilege of engaging with insightful guest speakers and catching up with fellow agencies and partners. As a platform, we are committed to being at the forefront of the industry, and having opportunities to attend conferences like this ensures our platform remains efficient, lean, and up-to-date with the latest trends.

The day was filled with captivating talks from esteemed digital leaders who willingly shared their expertise and insights. Our team found themselves soaking in knowledge and tips from:

  • Simeon Griggs, who emphasized the importance of prioritizing content over components.

  • Obinna Ekwuno, who took the audience on an imaginative journey with "Up Up and Away with Astro."

  • Sarah Heward, who connected the dots between the tech industry and education.

  • Jo Franchetti, who shared her love for long lines and other developer experience (DX) stories.

  • Eddie Jaoude, who inspired the audience with his talk on accelerating careers through Open Source contributions.

  • Richard Thanki, who delved into building a capable front-end at the humanitarian cutting edge, showcasing the significance of tech in aiding humanity.

  • Sophie Koonin, who wowed the attendees with her experience in building a virtual synthesizer in JavaScript.

  • Phil Hawksworth, who stressed the importance of render time in delivering seamless user experiences.

  • Gift Egwuenu, who took the audience into the future of user authentication, going beyond passwords.

  • Jake Archibald, who brought page transitions to life in his talk on web development.

I think it's fair to say that the audience was kept captivated and on the edge of their seat all day!

We also had the pleasure of catching up with some of our awesome agencies, partners, and friends in the industry - great to see Surge, The Digital Gene, Alt Labs, and Salesfire.

It was also brilliant to connect with the event sponsors and partners who helped facilitate such a fantastic event - thank you bigbite, File Sanctuary, LeadByte, CEF, Flok, alt labs, Algolia, xDesign, StackUp Digital, Blend, and Middlesbrough Digital!

At Aero, we take immense pride in being based in the thriving North East region of the UK while collaborating with agencies, retailers, and partners from all corners of the world.

The success and impact of the Middlesbrough Front-End Conference were undeniable, leading to the announcement of next year's date - and we are looking forward to it!

The Middlesbrough Front-End Conference served as a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie ahead, and the Aero team left the event feeling invigorated, inspired, and ready to take our platform to new heights. Our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve ensures that Aero remains a leading force in the world of technology and digital excellence.

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