Black Friday success for Aero

In what can only be described as the biggest Black Friday event ever, we are extremely proud of how flawlessly the Aero platform responded. The performance of our platform has played a key part in helping most of our retailers have their best Black Friday ever.

Reflecting on Black Friday 2020, Aero Commerce CEO Richard Bendelow says,

“Last year we had a small number of retailers and Aero handled Black Friday flawlessly. With a larger number of retailers from diverse sectors and new sales based tools, this year was different, it was a good test of how far we’ve come.

With that in mind, I am extremely proud to say that Black Friday has been a huge success for Aero again this year.

The many retailers using Aero have mostly had the best Black Friday they have ever had, without the stress that can come with inferior platforms. Their hard work paid off and they were not let down or forced to rely on expensive servers to cope. It was truly a joy to watch.

Well done Team Aero and to all our wonderful agencies and retailers.”

With huge influxes of traffic and relentless demands, the past few days have presented a huge opportunity for Aero, allowing us to stress-test future concepts that will further improve efficiency and evolve our platform to be even quicker.

Head of Platform at Aero Commerce, Tim Spratt reveals,

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 has allowed us to explore micro-optimisations to serving pages that yielded a 34% server load reduction. Retailers were able to effortlessly remain online with 800+ CCU (concurrent users), each being served pages in under 200ms on an infrastructure costing less than $500/m. What’s even cooler is that we haven’t even started to explore caching yet.”

One of our leading partner agencies, Techquity, had an incredible Black Friday seeing their retailers go from strength to strength throughout the Black Friday period. Their technical expertise and ability to create high-performance ecommerce sites, coupled with the lightning-fast and ultra-lean Aero platform, helped their retailers achieve record-breaking weeks.

Lucy Payne, Head of Client Services at Techquity says,

“We are so proud of how well our client’s sites performed this Black Friday. All the hard work that has been put in to get our clients where they needed to be in time for the busiest period paid off, and it has been hugely rewarding watching our clients thrive.

In terms of the platform, Aero performed second to none. Speed is without doubt one of the most important factors for all of our clients, especially during busy periods. We were all confident that our sites would be able to handle what we knew would be the biggest Black Friday ever. Even with considerably larger volumes of traffic, there was absolutely no change in their experience on Black Friday compared to any other day - the checkout journey was seamless and fast as always.”

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