Aero 2020: Annual roundup

That’s (nearly) a wrap folks!

As 2020 draws to a close, so too does Aero’s second year.

Fresh from our second round of funding we entered 2020 with little idea of what it had in store for us. And what a year it’s been...

We have liftoff

The keyword this year has been growth. In all areas.

Internally our team has doubled in size while staying a tight-knit group in the face of ongoing Covid restrictions. We’re still a very lean organisation, and every member of the team has gone above and beyond to deliver throughout the year.

Head of Platform at Aero Commerce, Tim Spratt reveals,

“This year we’ve focused on getting the core of the platform to a highly optimised state, which we saw come into its own during BFCM with excellent results. The team and I are excited to be able to push forward into 2021 and begin fleshing out the module marketplace which will take our platform to the next level. We’ll be imminently releasing a public roadmap to give clarity on what new features can be expected.” 

Agencies are the champions of Aero, and we’ve grown our network of partner agencies to over 60 with more on the way. 

Those agencies have done an amazing job responding to unprecedented demand for ecommerce sites, and our growth couldn’t have happened without their support. 

Matt Tomlinson, Digital Marketing Manager at Red-Fern explains, 

"Working with Aero has been a treat. From my side of things, Scarlett and Robert have been a pleasure to work with and were always on hand to help shape our collaborative blog posts. As a team, we've formed a fruitful partnership with Aero in 2020 - and long may it continue into the future too." 

Speaking of sites, in the space of just 12 months, we have seen a tenfold increase the number of Aero sites live or in development. We expect to see exponential growth in 2021 so watch this space to see what the figure is next year!

Our Head of Corporate, Robert Cooper has very much been the driving force behind our agency growth this year. Rob explains,

“Breaking into the ecommerce platform market is no mean feat and the fact we have seen such significant agency sign-ups and interest in the first year of our agency rollout program is testament to the hard work of the Aero team and of the benefit that agencies and retailers alike can see in what Aero can offer them as a truly viable and better alternative to many of the legacy ecommerce systems on the market. 

In 2021 we will continue to build on the growing base of Aero partnered agencies, enable further roll out and development of our retailer strategy so as to continue to increase awareness of Aero within the retailer community and work with our technology partners, future and existing, in further developing and growing their market reach.”

On the horizon

We don’t have any plans to slow down in 2021.

In fact, we see Aero rocketing even higher with what we’ve got planned. In no particular order, some of this includes:

  • Growing our retailer strategy to help brands find the right Aero agency for them and move onto the platform.

  • Increasing the availability of user documentation to help our agencies take new site launches to the next level.

  • A new program to drive sustainability and reduce Aero’s carbon footprint.

  • An ambitious new round of funding to propel Aero’s growth both nationally and globally.

On top of this, we’ll keep pushing to make the Aero platform the fastest, most effective option for online retailers today.

Always improving

2020 has been a great year for us at Aero — in spite of the challenges we’ve all faced — and we can’t wait to build a bigger and better Aero into 2021 and beyond.

Our door is always open. If you want to learn more about becoming an Aero partner agency then get in touch here, and if you’ve already worked with us and think you have an idea to make Aero even better then get in touch via your usual contact. 

Great to have you along for the ride, and see you in 2021!

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