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Monevert is a leading cloud-based global marketing tool that is highly focused on multilingual abandoned cart recovery.

Built from the ground up, Monevert offers a solution for retailers to ultimately reduce cart abandonment & increase profits. Their optimised funnels quickly kick into action and help your business recover up to 30% of your abandoned cart leads.

On average, 70% of customers abandon their shopping cart during a transaction, making their solution an invaluable asset to your online business. Here are some of the ways Monevert can help your business win back some of those abandoned baskets:

  • Multi-Currency Support: Reporting in Base Currency.

  • Multilingual: Send messages in the correct language to your target audience.

  • Advanced Analytics: Drill down into the performance of each message.

  • Email & SMS Messaging: Global coverage allowing you to target exactly who you want

  • Fully Managed Service: Highly optimised content.

  • Easy Integration: Support major e-commerce applications.

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