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Artifakt is a PaaS that gives autonomy back to developers and provides companies with highly available and secure cloud infrastructure. Created to help developers deploy, host and manage their web applications on scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure, the Artifakt experience ensures/offers modularity and solidity, customization and preconfiguration, autonomy and control.

Launched in 2017 and headquartered in Paris, the Artifakt platform is now trusted by 40 European companies hosting their applications on our platform and adopted by more than 1000 developers deploying code and managing environments with ease on a daily basis.

Artifakt is on a mission to increase developer productivity and provide companies with a cloud infrastructure they can trust. A simple yet powerful tool, Artifakt is built around several key features that enable digital teams to deploy & maintain their web projects autonomously.

These include:

  • Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

  • Automated deployment

  • Monitoring and logging

  • Domain and traffic management

  • Teamwork management

  • Security management

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