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Castors Online increase their conversion rate by 143% since replatforming to Aero

Castors Online is a family run business that supplies the most complete and competitive range of castors and wheels to the UK and Europe.

Russ Jones, Chairman of the Board at Castors Online, says they are “looking forward to the journey ahead” since replatforming to Aero Commerce.

“...the platform’s speed of delivery is quite eye-watering and the functionality of it is amazing, Fergus and his team, most notably Stephen, have truly been inspirational and given us the advice and development skills for us to take ownership and build our store to what we think is a thing of beauty.” - Russ Jones

teclan built the new website and, using state-of-the-art tools developed in-house, and were able to migrate the products and site content from the Sellerdeck website to the new Aero Commerce platform. From the first three months after the site’s launch, the business has seen online revenue increase by 81% and a conversion rate increase of 143%.

“The teclan team were able to harness years of ecommerce experience to get the Aero platform to work in harmony with our client’s ideas. The excitement of switching to a cutting edge platform made the client very keen to try new things and allowed for an open collaboration both with them, and with the supportive team at Aero.” - Rory Baldwin, Head of Web, teclan


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