We're delighted you're interested in Aero!

We have a few simple guidelines for using our brand.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our guidelines;

Our logo

We are "Aero Commerce", that's with a space and an uppercase A and C at the start of each word and we use "Aero" for short.

We have provided download links for all of our logos, please do not alter the Aero Commerce logo.

Primary logo

Primary logo Blue

When using the Aero logo in an area with a light background, you must use this version of the primary logo.

Primary logo White

When using the Aero logo in an area with a dark background, you must use this version of the primary logo.

Black and white logo

We would always prefer to see our logo in full colour, however black and white versions are available if neeeded.

Basket symbol

A key part of the Aero brand is the iconography used within the logo to form our Basket symbol.

The Basket symbol both signifies speed and ecommerce within one coherent icon. It can be used as a standalone icon where Aero is not mentioned elsewhere.

Brand colours

The colours of our brand are just as important as the logo and the basket symbol.

Primary brand colours

These colours make up the largest part of our brand and must be correct when using any brand assets.

  • RGB:
    R: 56G: 61B: 90
  • RGB Web:rgb(56, 61, 90)
  • Hex:#383D5A
  • RGB:
    R: 84G: 224B: 228
  • RGB Web:rgb(84, 224, 228)
  • Hex:#54E0E4
  • RGB:
    R: 239G: 83B: 109
  • RGB Web:rgb(239, 83, 109)
  • Hex:#EF536D
  • RGB:
    R: 255G: 255B: 255
  • RGB Web:rgb(255, 255, 255)
  • Hex:#FFFFFF

Secondary brand colours

These colours are used to accent the main brand colours.

  • RGB:
    R: 247G: 247B: 247
  • RGB Web:rgb(247, 247, 247)
  • Hex:#F7F7F7
  • RGB:
    R: 70G: 142B: 159
  • RGB Web:rgb(70, 142, 159)
  • Hex:#468E9F

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