We are delighted to share that Aero agency, Grizzlyware, has developed an integration for the I-Fulfilment solution, allowing Aero agencies to seamlessly integrate I-Fulfilment into their retailers stores.

This collaboration showcases the perfect harmony within the Aero ecosystem. I-Fulfilment, the Aero platform partner, offers a solution that retailers need implementing into their Aero store if they wish to use it. Grizzlyware, the Aero agency, took charge of developing this integration, making the solution technically available to other Aero agencies and their retailers. Aero, the ecommerce platform, underpins this relationship, providing the necessary infrastructure for agencies to utilize Grizzlyware's integration and implement the I-Fulfilment solution on their retailer's websites.

Richard Bendelow, CEO of Aero Commerce explains; “We are excited to see the I-Fulfilment integration built by the Aero partnered agency, Grizzlyware. This collaboration showcases the power of the Aero ecosystem and further validates that our agencies are consistently delivering high-quality 3rd party integrations for their retailers”

Grizzlyware developed the integration in response to their client's warehouse switch. Being involved in the assessment of the integration into the Aero store, they identified I-Fulfilment as an ideal solution due to its contemporary IMS and well-documented API. Grizzlyware provided the client with two options: a tailored integration or the chance to sponsor a package for potential use by other retailers in the future.

The key challenge faced by Grizzlyware was to implement I-Fulfilment's BladePRO IMS API into the Aero platform, ensuring real-time and bi-directional data synchronisation between the two systems. The expert team at Grizzlyware diligently worked to address the complexities of the integration, leveraging their technical expertise and problem-solving skills to create a robust and reliable solution.

The integration involved the task of converting data from Aero's format to BladePRO format. Grizzlyware innovatively designed the solution to empower retailer agencies, giving them the flexibility to modify the data without necessitating core code alterations to the package or Aero. This approach showcases Grizzlyware's commitment to user-friendly adaptability and highlighted their capacity to tackle multifaceted challenges in the integration landscape.

Josh Bonfield, Lead Developer at Grizzlyware explains; “Working on a project with Aero & I-Fulfilment was a pleasure - any time we had questions about I-Fulfilment's API and processes or Aero's package best practices, both parties were quick to respond with helpful answers. It's great when three parties can join together to create a turn-key solution with minimal client involvement.”

Troy Kniveton, Sales Manager at i-Fulfilment commented “Through the Aero Commerce and BladePRO integration Aero retailers and i-Fulfilment customers are able to effortlessly connect their website to our WMS enabling realtime order flow and live inventory updates. i-Fulfilment are committed to being on the forefront of partnering with leading technology providers and we are extremely impressed with the proposition that Aero Commerce brings to the market. The Aero Commerce and BladePRO integration streamlines order processing, shipment tracking, and inventory management through a single, unified interface, saving time, and resources, and enhancing the overall ecommerce experience for retailers and customers alike”.

“Working with both Grizzlyware and Aero Commerce on this project was a pleasure. Both parties completely understand the E-commerce landscape and the importance of fast, reliable and accurate flow of data between both platforms. I have been very impressed with the scalability of the Aero Commerce platform and have received nothing but good feedback from our shared customers”.

In summary, this successful collaboration is a testament to the power of innovation, teamwork, and unwavering dedication within the Aero community. This collaboration serves as a promising prelude to many more integrations yet to come within the Aero ecosystem as we continue to shape the future of ecommerce together.

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