Windcave operates as a global platform, seamlessly enhancing payment experiences for numerous well-known brands worldwide. Their services encompass payment solutions for in-store, online, and self-service settings. By centralizing various payment channels onto a single platform, businesses can exert complete command over their payment systems.

Through the integration of Windcave into the Aero platform, retailers gain the ability to streamline payments, optimize operations, and raise the standard of their business through the combined benefits of swiftness and security.

What are integrated payments?

They refer to the smooth consolidation of payment processing into a retailer's broader business systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient transactional journey.

Why opt for an integrated payment solution?

It delivers a swift and accurate checkout experience, minimizing the chances of errors and facilitating seamless transactions. Additionally, it enables real-time reconciliation and reporting, granting access to immediate transaction data for account balancing while generating comprehensive reports on the fly. Furthermore, enhanced security measures like 3D Secure 2 and P2PE Encryption safeguard both retailers and customers against fraudulent activities.

Why did Aero choose to partner with Windcave?

Global Payment Acceptance: Windcave offers an all-in-one merchant service platform that consolidates payments, enabling the acceptance of numerous payment methods on a single platform across multiple regions.

Next Business Day Settlement: Recognizing the significance of cash flow, Windcave ensures funds are settled into accounts on the very next business day, irrespective of the payment method.

Competitive Pricing: Windcave provides a holistic solution, covering everything from terminal rental to merchant services at highly competitive market rates. There's no additional cost for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Paypal.

Empowering Control: Windcave takes charge of in-house design, manufacturing, and development of hardware, software, and infrastructure, resulting in full control and accountability.

Dedicated Account Manager: Windcave recognizes the importance of smooth payment processes for businesses. They offer a dedicated point of contact to aid business growth.

24/7 Support: With over 400 staff situated across different time zones and offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Windcave ensures round-the-clock support.

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