We are delighted to welcome WorldFirst to the Aero Partner Network. 

WorldFirst is an international business payments solution helping customers move money around the world. WorldFirst customers can open one or multiple local currency accounts online, for free, and make foreign exchange transactions in 60 currencies easily and at speed.

For businesses importing and paying overseas suppliers, WorldFirst allows you to: 

  • Make international money transfers easily and securely at speed.

  • Manage risk with robust hedging solutions and help keep business budgets and future plans on track.

  • Send mass payments from a single transaction, saving time and money.

For companies selling on e-commerce marketplaces or exporting overseas, WorldFirst allows you to:

  • Access new markets and grow your business with an easy alternative to multiple business accounts.

  • Collect payments from your customers in all major currencies safely and securely.

  • Pay your suppliers, partners and staff in 68+ currencies.

  • If you would like to learn more about WorldFirst, take a look at their website here. For more information about how the Aero Partner Network can add value to your ecommerce business, get in touch today.

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