We are thrilled to be partnered with Trust Payments.

Founded in 2019, Trust Payments is a global unified payments group for global pay-in, pay-out and customer journey technologies. Their mission is to help businesses optimise their sales and customer experience through facilitating speedy and seamless payments, loyalty, and data management.

With a growing customer base of over 13,000 and 11 offices full of experts based around the world, Trust Payments already has a rapidly growing global presence. This places them in an extremely strong position to provide retailers with everything needed to accept card payments from customers all over the world.

Their solutions include:

  • TRU Connect: Your fastest route to online digital payment acceptance through any device or channel.

  • TRU Connect Enterprise: Advanced gateway solution primed for social commerce and deep customisation.

  • TRU POS: From classic POS to super-stylish tech, Trust Payments offers versatile counter-top and mobile devices. Flexible contracts and dedicated 24/7 support.

  • TRU Link: Integrates with your existing ePOS or Property Management System for ultimate speed and efficiency.

  • TRU Mobile: Seamless payments for your app with our SDK.

  • TRU Acquiring: Trust Payments can provide all you need to accept card payments from your customers all over the world.

  • TRU Security: Smart tech to outsmart the fraudsters. Total protection with our security solutions.

  • TRU Loyalty: Data-driven customer engagement for more profitable relationships.

If you’d like to learn more about how Trust Payments could be a great fit for your business, take a look at their website here.

For more information about how the Aero Partner Network can add value to your ecommerce business, get in touch today.

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