1. Add SEO friendly content

    Add H1, title, summary and description to pages

  2. Bespoke URLs

    Rewrite URLs

  3. Blogs

    Add a blog to your store

  4. Canonical URL management

    Manage canoncials

  5. Collections

    Create rules based collections of products based on specific tags, categories or manufacturer criteria

  6. Combination pages

    Optimise content on listing pages with a combination of criteria e.g. create a page based on selected filters

  7. Dynamic robots.txt

    Use dynamic robots.txt file for web crawlers and bots

  8. Gift wrapping

    Add gift wrapping and message options

  9. Mailchimp

    Mailchimp integration

  10. Newsletter subscriptions

    Manage newsletter subscriptions

  11. Product tags

    Create SEO product tags

  12. SEO friendly structure

    Create SEO friendly pages

  13. Sitemaps

    Generate a sitemap

  14. Slug positioning

    Change slug positioning the URLs, e.g. put manufacturer first instead of category

  15. Social media integrations

    Integrate with social media

  16. Structured data markup

    Add structured data markup to product pages

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