1. Allowed and disallowed groups

    Allow or disallow certain products, manufacturers, categories or other groups

  2. Alt descriptions

    Assign alt text descriptions to each product image

  3. Alternative images

    Show users a different images when hovering over an image

  4. Archive products

    Retain product data but remove from storefront enabling you to return to it at a later date

  5. Assign product images

    Associate product images to specific attributes, such as size and colour

  6. Attribute names

    Show alternative attribute names on storefront and retain actual values for stock system syncing

  7. Auto assign product categories

    Automate the process of assigning products to categories based on their attributes

  8. Auto image resize

    Automatically resize images to fit the storefront template

  9. Autocomplete search

    Auto predict what users are typing into the search bar

  10. Batch product updates

    Make batch updates to multiple products

  11. Bespoke category URLs

    Define unique URLs for specific categories

  12. Bespoke collection URLs

    Define unique URLs for specific collections

  13. Bespoke manufacturer URLs

    Define unique URLs for specific manufacturers

  14. Breadcrumb navigation

    Build in breadcrumb structure improves customer browsing experience

  15. Bulk activate/deactivate products

    Activate and deactivate products in bulk

  16. Bulk assign manufacturer to products

    Edit associated product manufacturer in bulk

  17. Bulk categorise products

    Categorise products in bulk

  18. Bulk delete products

    Delete products in bulk

  19. Bulk duplicate pricing

    Quickly bulk copy pricing details down to variant level

  20. Bulk edit additional attributes to products

    Edit product additional attributes in bulk

  21. Bulk edit product publish time

    Edit products publish time in bulk

  22. Bulk tag products

    Tag products in bulk

  23. Configurable products

    Create configurable, bundled and grouped products

  24. Custom data fields

    Add custom fields per products to expand product data

  25. Custom filtering

    Control which filters appear for specific listing pages and priotise certain filters by adjusting their order

  26. Customer group permissions

    Determine which products and categories can be viewed by each customer group

  27. Customise category and product pages

    Customise the appearance of category and product pages

  28. Digital and virtual products

    Include Virtual / digital products

  29. Drag and drop merchandising

    Use drag and drop merchandising to arrange products on category pages

  30. Elasticsearch

    Use Elasticsearch powered search system

  31. Faceted navigation

    Use faceted filters to refine listings

  32. Filter products

    Filter products in categories and search results

  33. Filter products by brand or manufacturer

    Allow users to filter products based on their specified brand or manufacturer

  34. Grid or list view

    Display product category items in grids or lists

  35. Grouped views

    Display multiple products in a grouped view

  36. Harmonized system code

    Input harmonized system code details to products down to variant level

  37. HTML product editor

    Edit product description and summary in an HTML editor

  38. Image ordering

    Control the order in which the images are shown for products

  39. Inventory management

    Perform Inventory management

  40. Limit items in basket

    Define minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the cart

  41. Listing cards

    Add custom data to each listing card

  42. Maximum order quantity

    Set maximum purchase quantity

  43. Minimum order quantity

    Set minimum purchase quantity

  44. Multi layered navigation

    Provide Multi layered navigation

  45. Multiple category association

    Assign a product to multiple categories

  46. Multiple images

    Include multiple images per product and per variant

  47. Optimised search results

    Unify similar terms to direct customers to optimised results pages

  48. Order tagging

    Tag orders

  49. Orders export

    Export order information

  50. Out of stock messaging

    Determine out-of-stock messaging and display options

  51. Pre-order

    Allow customers to make pre-orders

  52. Price slider

    Refine prices using a sliding scale

  53. Product / Manufacturer association

    Associate a manufacturer to a product

  54. Product attributes

    Create and add unlimited product attributes per product

  55. Product comparison

    Allow for product comparison between two or more products

  56. Product details

    Display Product name, summary and description

  57. Product duplication

    Duplicate products

  58. Product hide

    Hide specific products from the storefront listings whilst allowing them to be purchased

  59. Product image zoom

    Zoom-in feature on product images

  60. Product listing number

    Control the number of listings shown per page

  61. Product reviews and ratings

    Display product ratings and reviews

  62. Product sorting rules

    Use automated sorting rules to arrange products on category pages

  63. Product status

    Toggle the active status of products

  64. Product templates

    Use pre-defined product templates

  65. Product timers

    Set a published at time for products to control when they become available for purchase

  66. Product videos

    Include product videos

  67. Product weighting

    Adjust weighting, synonyms and relevancy

  68. Recently viewed products

    Display recenty viewed products for each customer

  69. Related products

    Sell related products, recommendations and 'frequently bought with' items

  70. Search redirect

    Redirect results if search yields no results

  71. SKU's

    Assign each product a unique model number to help distinguish products

  72. Social links

    Add social media links to products

  73. Sort products

    Control the sort order of the listings, with the ability to combine several fields to sort on

  74. Stock availability

    Display stock availability

  75. Stock buffers

    Create stock buffers

  76. Stock level based visibility

    Control the visibility of products based on stock level

  77. Stock level tracking

    Track stock level and allow for oversell

  78. Stock notifications

    Receive stock notifications e.g. when your inventory needs to be replenished

  79. Sub-catergory (bespoke)

    Display a tailored list of sub-categories for the current listing page criteria

  80. Swatches

    Display swatches to show colours, fabrics and other variations

  81. Unlimited SKU's

    Include unlimited products to your catalog

  82. Variant level tagging

    Tag products down to variant level

  83. Variant product listings

    Split variant products into multiple listings

  84. Variant products

    Create products with mutiple variants

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