1. Aero API

    Aero API integration

  2. Booking system

    Allow customers to book appointments, events or hire products

  3. Cloud Commerce Pro

    Cloud Commerce Pro integration

  4. CSV Export

    Export product and sales data as a CSV file

  5. CSV Import

    Import any format of product CSV, with the ability to map columns to the correct Aero equivalent.

  6. Epos Now

    Epos Now integration

  7. Eurostop

    Eurostop integration

  8. Fashion Master

    Fashion Master integration

  9. Khaos Control

    Khaos Control integration

  10. Linnworks

    Linnworks integration

  11. Mintsoft

    Mintsoft integration

  12. Netsuite

    Netsuite integration

  13. Opera EPOS

    Opera EPOS integration

  14. Peoplevox

    Peoplevox integration

  15. Top to Toe

    Top to Toe integration

  16. Touch Retail TRIMS (Including Loyalty)

    Touch Retail TRIMS (Including Loyalty) integration

  17. Veeqo

    Veeqo integration

  18. Volo

    Volo integration

  19. Xero

    Xero integration

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