1. Mail notifications

    Manage mail notifications to be sent to customers or set email addresses on inventory and order changes

  2. Additional themes

    Set additional themes

  3. Content blocks

    Control when content blocks or shown or hidden

  4. Content preview

    Preview content changes

  5. Create your own theme

    Combine text, images and more with adaptable themes

  6. Customise theme base

    Customise the inherited base theme

  7. Customise theme blocks

    Change brand and customise easily

  8. Default theme stores

    Prebuild stores with a default theme for quick setup

  9. Easy add content

    Create and change content without writing complex code

  10. FAQ builder

    Create frequently asked question pages

  11. HTTP redirects

    Assign standard HTTP codes to redirects: 301, 302 and 308

  12. Lazy loading

    Themes lazy load images

  13. Multiple themes

    Associate multiple themes to a project and control who sees which theme and when

  14. Navigation menus

    Add navigation menus and promotional imagery to any part of the storefront

  15. Page and content creation

    Create and edit pages / blocks

  16. Product combinations management

    Manage listings with product combinations

  17. Product content

    Add content to product pages

  18. Products in content

    Add products to content pages

  19. Professional themes

    Choose from highly optimized, professional themes

  20. Redirects - missing pages

    Create redirects for missing pages

  21. Static page creation

    Create static pages e.g. contact, Terms & Conditions

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