1. Age verification

    Age Verification (1account, veretad)

  2. Basket hover preview

    Enable customer to hover over and view summary of shopping cart on any page

  3. Bulk order management

    Complete orders by using multiple SKUs or by uploading CSV files

  4. Cart recovery

    Automatically send customers reminder emails if they leave the basket without buying

  5. Checkout order summary

    Show order summary with product images at checkout

  6. Customer account creation

    Create customer account on the checkout order confirmation page

  7. Customer account management

    Customers can manage accounts through dashboards

  8. Customer billing management

    Customers can set default billing and shipping addresses

  9. Customer management

    Admin users can manage customer data including setting emails, addresses, passwords and assigning customer groups

  10. Customer order activity

    Filter customers by name, email, created date and customer groups

  11. Customer order status

    Customers can view order status and history

  12. Customer previous ordered products

    Customers can view recently / previously ordered products

  13. Digital products

    Access downloadable/digital products

  14. Email invite lists

    Create gift lists and email invites - e.g. wedding gift lists

  15. Frequently purchased products

    Customers can create lists of frequently purchased products

  16. Guest only checkout

    Offer guest checkout flow

  17. Item counts

    Update item counts and notify registry owner once purchases are made

  18. Mini cart summary

    Use a mini cart displayed on store page to summarise selected products

  19. Multiple customer addresses

    Customers can store unlimited addresses

  20. Newsletter subscriptions

    Manage newsletter subscriptions

  21. Private and flash sale sites

    Customers can access bespoke exclusive shopping experiences with private or flash sale sites

  22. Product reviews

    View submitted product reviews

  23. Quick buy

    Use quick buy option using saved payment and shipping information

  24. Reward points

    Offer reward points for customer actions e.g. purchases, registration, product reviews, etc

  25. Rewards tracking

    Track available store credits, gift card totals, and reward points

  26. Save products to multiple wishlists

    Customers can save products to multiple wishlists

  27. Save shopping cart

    Save shopping cart and return to complete purchases

  28. Set reward points rules

    Determine reward points redemption rules e.g. expiration dates

  29. SKU add to cart

    Add products to cart using SKUs

  30. Subscriptions

    Offer subscription based products or services

  31. Wishlists

    Customers can create public and private wishlists

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