1. Business accounts

    Create and manage business accounts

  2. Business payments

    Accept business account payments and custom payment gateways

  3. Corporate order volumes

    Handle large corporate orders - no limit on number of items in order

  4. Dynamic pricing

    Create dynamic pricing for trade customers

  5. Hidden prices

    User has to login in order to view prices

  6. Landing login page

    Require store users login before being able to view the store

  7. Price lists

    Create different prices for products based on different methods such as decrease from RRP or increase on cost

  8. Quote builder

    Enable users to add items to a cart and then request a quote rather than completing a checkout process

  9. Tax ememption

    Easily sell products that are Tax exempt

  10. Tax toggle

    Quickly allow users to view with and without Tax prices

  11. Trade applications

    Supports bespoke custom forms for trade applications or catalog requests

  12. Trade bulk order discount

    Apply bulk discounts to large orders

  13. Trade customer groups

    Supports grouping of trade customers

  14. Trade max purchase quantities

    Set maximum purchase quantity

  15. Trade minimum order quantity (MOQ)

    Set minimum purchase quantity

  16. Trade tax groups

    Create and assign different tax groups - different customers may be eligible for different rates

  17. Trade volume pricing

    Set volume pricing

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