1. 404 page report

    View missing pages list

  2. Bespoke reports

    Ability for developer to create reports that are bespoke to your requirements

  3. Dashboard overview

    Quickly assess stats and order information with the admin dashboard

  4. Discount codes reports

    Monitor how discount codes are being used

  5. Google Analytics

    Integrate with Google Analytics

  6. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

    Integrate with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

  7. IP address report

    Log Customer IP addresses against order

  8. Order breakdown reports

    Break down your store's orders

  9. Order product breakdown reports

    Better understand which products or brands are performing best or least

  10. Product stock level reports

    Report on a store’s product stock levels and filter so the levels of products can be viewed as is necessary

  11. Refund reports

    Monitor refunds

  12. Report exporter

    Export reports as CSV files, JSON and XML

  13. Sales reports

    Break down sales from your store

  14. Voucher reports

    Monitor how vouchers are being used

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