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FAQ Platform Questions

Can Aero be used as a headless solution?
Can Aero handle B2B stores?
Technically yes, however it’s dependent on the context of the specific build.
Can Aero handle multi-store?
Not right now, however it is currently in development.
Can Aero stores be multilingual?
Yes, but cannot change language in the admin yet.
Can I create a blog on an Aero store?
Yes, you can create a blog on an Aero store. Full installation documentation is provided.
Can I see a demo store admin?
Yes, you can see a demo store admin. To request access to an Aero demo store, click here.
Can an agency create its own integrations with third parties?
Yes, an agency is more than welcome to develop its own integrations with third-party solutions.
Does Aero handle multi-currency?
Does Aero support Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)?
How does Aero deal with different tax classes for overseas sales?
Tax rates and rules. You can set different tax rates for different products for different people in different places to the postcode.
How quickly can an Aero store be launched?
Technically in under a minute, however it’s obviously dependent on the complexity of the build, third party features, product import data and number of products.
Is Aero SEO friendly?
Aero has been built with SEO in mind, making the platform SEO friendly.
Is Aero a SaaS product?
Aero is not a SaaS product.
Is Aero expensive to host? Where is it hosted?
The retailer or agency (whoever is responsible) chooses on what infrastructure it runs, be it a cloud solution, dedicated server, etc.
What skills do I need as a developer to build on Aero?
We provide training on how to use the Aero platform, but as a developer, you should have knowledge of the following: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Twig, Vue.js, Sass, Tailwind CSS.
What technology is Aero built on?
Aero combines a modern technology stack made up of Laravel, Composer, Node JS, MySQL, Elasticsearch, NGINX. Find out more here.
Where does Aero sit in the market compared to other ecommerce platforms?
Aero is aimed at mid-tier retailers who need to grow their business but want to avoid the unnecessary complexity and high costs associated with other ecommerce platforms. These retailers may have outgrown the typical "starter" platforms and are looking to the next home for their online store.

Aero gives retailers the flexibility to grow and extend their stores without the need to buy countless plugins, or to pay the excessive development and infrastructure costs associated with some legacy platforms.

Learn more about how Aero compares to the other main ecommerce platforms in our comparison series of articles.
Which other third party services do you integrate with?
To view our full list of third-party integrations, click here.
Which payment merchants do you integrate with?
To see which payment merchants Aero is integrated with, click here.

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