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FAQ Agency Questions

Can Aero send me leads for retailers?
Yes, we can send leads to our partner agencies. To find out more about this please contact us here for a chat.
Can I develop my own themes on Aero?
Yes, agencies are free to develop themes however they wish.
Can my agency develop stores on other platforms if I partner with Aero?
Yes, we are advocates of agencies offering the best solution for the client and Aero being one of the platforms an agency can offer.
Do you offer any technical training sessions to help us understand the platform?
Yes, we offer a complimentary live tech session to help developers gain a better understanding.
Does Aero develop stores for retailers?
No, Aero does not develop stores directly for retailers. As an ecommerce platform, we work with agencies who develop retailer stores on our platform. However, we do work with retailers to help them find a suitable agency to develop their Aero store.
Does Aero supply themes I can use?
Yes, Aero can supply a number of themes for agencies to build upon. Aero themes are developed on CSS, Tailwind CSS, Sass, NPM.
Does it cost anything to be an Aero partner agency?
No, it doesn’t cost anything to be an Aero partner agency.
How do I access the Aero source code?
We just ask agencies to sign a copy of our licence agreement. This doesn’t prevent you from working on other platforms, tie you into anything or cost anything.
How long will it take me to learn Aero? I’m worried we don’t have time for another platform.
One of the many benefits of using the Aero platform is that it is extremely quick and easy to get started with. In terms of how long it takes to learn how to use Aero, that is entirely dependent on current skill set and build complexity. If your project is relatively complex and requires an entirely bespoke solution with custom features, it’s naturally going to take more time than a relatively simple project. With that in mind, you can use Aero out of the box and not have to include any bespoke work.
How much does Aero cost?
There is no cost to use Aero, agencies are only charged when a store goes live. Each store that is launched on Aero is charged at a fixed rate. You can view the fixed pricing model here
How quickly can stores be deployed on Aero?
Aero stores can be deployed very quickly. One of the main USPs of the platform is that professional level ecommerce stores can be developed and deployed in a far shorter space of time than many of the equivalent professional level solutions. Our tech session covers this in more detail - if you would like to book your place, please contact us here.
How will Aero fit within my current agency offering?
Aero is an attractive ecommerce platform for retailers with complex requirements but who don't want to rely on a cloud-based solution. It's also straightforward to build and launch stores on, allowing faster turnaround of new stores for retailers who need a new website at short notice.
I haven’t worked in Laravel but I’m familiar with PHP, can I still work with Aero?
Typically, if an agency is familiar with PHP, they will be able to work with Laravel relatively easily.
I want to explore Aero further, how do I go about it?
In the first instance, get in touch with us to explore Aero in further detail and find out how we work with agencies. We also offer a complimentary 2-hour tech session in which your development team can gain a better understanding of Aero at a code level.
Is Aero Commerce an open-source platform?
Aero is not an open-source platform. We are an open code platform which means that Aero agencies have to sign a licence agreement with us first prior to us supplying the source code. As an Aero agency, you are free to develop your own integrations with third parties and customise the platform as you wish.
What happens if I get stuck when trying to code on Aero?
Aero agencies have access to a private, dedicated Slack channel allowing them to communicate directly with our founder and platform team for support. Full documentation and installation guides are also provided.
What resources are available for agencies?
In addition to our dedicated, private slack channels, we also provide documentation, videos and asset packages containing commercial information to help you sell Aero.
What should I charge for an Aero store?
It is entirely up to the agency what is charged for an Aero store. However, through our support we are able to help advise on Aero builds and specifications based on our experience.
What sort of retailers is Aero aimed at?
Whilst Aero can be used by retailers of any size, our primary target market is mid-tier retailers.
What support do you offer agencies?
Aero agencies benefit from a full onboarding process. This includes a tech day with our Head of Platform, access to a private Slack channel allowing for direct communication, platform documentation and installation guides. We also offer commercial support in the form of lead generation, pitching support and collaborative marketing. There are bespoke support packages available.

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